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haecceitas STUDIO
main admin bldg
abu dhabi, 
united arab emirates
w/ jason ardnt
harlem ag-lab
+ transport hub
west harlem, ny
w/ urban quotient
detroit riverfront
remembering to forget
detroit, mi

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bam north site II
100,000 sf
housing + studio
brooklyn, ny
w/ urban quotient
milan info pavilion
200 m
milan 2015 expo
milan, italy

haecceitas STUDIO
us: 832 520 1323       |       korea:  +82 010 9853 0323
nursery school
london, england
cornelius lemley
 fire & rescue
911 col. memorial
cornelius, nc
w/ urban quotient 
aquatic resiliency
nyc aquarium &
 public space 
queens, ny
tensional topography
storrs gallery
charlotte, nc
emergence of objects
studies in field and form