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haecceitas STUDIO
Andrew Beres
Douglas Cao
Lucas Flint
​Caleb Lightfoot
Michael Obot
Milad Rogha
Robby Stubbs

​John Charbonneau (2014)
Cade Hammers (2013)
David Isern (2013)
Katerina Paletykina (2012)
​Quoc Tran (2011)
Studio Director: 

Haecceitas Studio, directed by Jeffrey S Nesbit, is an experimental architecture studio committed to exploring innovative design methods through the complexity of multivalent systems amongst the process of urbanization. Our studio specializes in architecture, urban design, and constructed landscapes.
'haecceitas' coined from the Latin term, translating as 'thisness'. 
If interested in collaborating with haecceitas studio please feel free to contact us via email or phone. 
© 2018 haecceitas studio all rights reserved
haecceitas STUDIO
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Design/Research Assistants:
Jeffrey S Nesbit