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Andrew Beres
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​John Charbonneau (2014)
Cade Hammers (2013)
David Isern (2013)
Katerina Paletykina (2012)
​Quoc Tran (2011)
Jeffrey Scott Nesbit, Director
Jeffrey S Nesbit holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and a first Master of Architecture from Texas Tech University. Currently, his work investigates urban organizational strategies based upon the generation and evolution of topological behaviors. In particular, evaluating the analysis and synthesis of phase transitions through the oscillating tissues of an interconnected urban fabric. In addition to directing the experimental architecture group Haecceitas Studio, Nesbit teaches architecture and urban design studios and seminars on theory and urbanism. After previously teaching at Texas Tech University as an Assistant Professor and co-directing the Seoul Studio program in South Korea, he is currently Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 
"As architects, it is imperative that we begin working and thinking of ‘buildings’ not as independent entities, but as a series of ephemeral, embedded organisms living amongst a natural ecological world."
'haecceitas' coined from the Latin term, translating as 'thisness'. 
Urban Quotient, Brooklyn NY
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© 2017 haecceitas studio all rights reserved
haecceitas STUDIO
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Haecceitas Studio is an experimental architecture studio committed to exploring innovative design methods through the complexity of multivalent systems. Our studio specializes in architecture, urban development, and constructed landscapes.