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haecceitas STUDIO
Stitch Morphologies: Shanghai 
Design Research Merit Award
(ACSA, 2014)
Post-Industrial Landscapes 
as Urban Interventions
© 2019 haecceitas studio all rights reserved
Urban Design Studio Shanghai
Intensive Differentiations
haecceitas STUDIO
Urban Design Studio Shanghai
Memory and Morphology 
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Seoul Studio 2017
Artifact, Commerce, Landscape
Speculations of Inactive U.S. Navy Shipyards
Seoul Studio 2016 
City as Precedent
Tensional Topography
exhibition, Storrs Gallery, Charlotte, NC 
Jeffrey S Nesbit is an architect, urbanist, educator, and doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is founding director of the experimental design group Haecceitas Studio, research fellow in the Office for Urbanization. His research focuses on processes of urbanization, infrastructure, and military landscapes. Currently, his dissertation interrogates the "extraterrestrial" from the disciplinary ends of architecture, imagination, and the historical spaceport complex. Nesbit has written a number of journal articles and book chapters on infrastructure and urbanization and is co-editor of Chasing the City: Models for Extra-Urban Investigations (Routledge, 2018), Rio de Janeiro: Urban Expansion and Environment (Routledge, 2019), and was recently named editor of New Geographies 11: Extraterrestrial (Actar, 2019). 
Chasing the City
Models for Extra-Urban Investigations
edited by Josh Nason and Jeffrey S. Nesbit
(Routledge, 2018)

New Geographies 11 
edited by Jeffrey S. Nesbit and Guy Trangos
(Actar, 2019) in-progess